Our Shopify contest app is ready and free to install.

Our Shopify contest app is ready and free to install.

Create and run contests directly in your store with our Shopify contest app.
The Rewards Fuel Contests plugin allows for easily embedding a contest in your Shopify store.

  • Rewards Fuel Contests include
  • Full contest statistics you can access during or after your contest.
  • Pre-made templates or customize your contest by changing colors, fonts, images or style it with CSS.
  • Send customizable confirmation emails automatically.
  • Responsive design that looks great from mobile to desktop.
  • Schedule your contest start or stop times.
  • Quick and easy set-up with hands-on customer service.
  • Automatic or manual winner picking.
  • Unlimited phrases that pay, use one code or unique codes per person.

About our Shopify contest app

We’re new to Shopify but we’ve creating contests for thousands of businesses big and small for several years. Our mission is to help you run beautifully highly customizable campaigns that help to engage customers. Our WordPress Plugin is the top-rated contest plugin in the WordPress directory.

Create Competitions in 3 minutes

Rewards Fuel has an intuitive drag & drop interface that allows you to design any competition to look great for your brand.

Create your contest or embed an existing contest with the same shortcodes we use for WordPress e.g. [RF_contest contest=’1234′]

Lots of entry methods/incentives to choose from

Get started in 4 simple steps

  1. Install our app
  2. Create and embed a contest directly in your Shopify store with our Shopify App or use our hosted contest page.
  3. Choose what marketing channels (entry methods) you would like to include in your contest.
  4. Get creative and style your contest by adding images, gifs, videos, etc.

Screenshots of the Shopify contest app.

Shopify contest app

Add contests directly to your Shopify blog or embed them in a page on your store.  Choose where to have it published (as a blog post or as a page).  Choose to have it published right away or set it as a draft for you to edit later.

Shopify contest app

Once you create a post or page you will have our embed code directly on the page.  As you can see from the image below you may still edit the page/post.


Shopify contest app

The final page will replace the shortcode with your contest.

Shopify contest app FAQs

Learn more about our contest app, or install it directly from here.

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