Multiple Choice Question Entry

Multiple Choice Question Entry

Ask your customers a multiple-choice question.  Let them enter your contest if they get it right.

What it looks like:

Ask your contestants a question, offer multiple answers, select which answers are correct.  Add as many answers as you like and have multiple correct answers.  Allow your audience to try to answer it a few times or only allow them to enter once and hide the entry method if they get the answer wrong.  You may also choose to provide a custom error message or just our standard response.

Create a multiple choice answer

What it looks like to your audience:

Choose to display the answers as radio buttons or as a drop-down select.

Multiple choice questions with a select drop down.

Multiple choice questions with radio buttons

What plan do you need to use multiple-choice question?

Promoter Pro

Multiple choice entry is available with the Promoter Pro plan.

Viral share entry FAQs

  • How do we count entries?
  • When a contestant answers the question correctly they will receive entries into your contest.
  • What happens if someone answers the question incorrectly?
  • If a contestant selects the wrong answer, we will let them know and display a custom message (if you provided one).  If you chose to have us hide the entry method after answering incorrectly we will hide this entry method otherwise the contestant can try to answer your question again.
  • If I embed the contest into my website will it share the hosted contest page or my website?
  • Contests embedded on your site will include tracking links that go directly to your site.

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