Mailchimp Contest: Grow and Engage your Mailing List in 2022

Mailchimp Contest:  Grow and Engage your Mailing List in 2022

Dream of larger, engaged mailing lists? Have you tried running a MailChimp contest? You may already add incentive to joining your newsletter list (save 10%, download a whitepaper, etc), but if you want to really boost your email subscribers, one of the most effective ways is to use the MailChimp contest integration to run sweepstakes, contests and giveaways.  Setting up your Mailchimp giveaway is quick and easy, and you’ll see almost immediate results.

In fact, recent contest holders from  EnterTalk RadioMission Engineering and Pitbull Audio gained over 9000 new followers, likes and newsletter subscribers with their contest.

Paul from EnterTalk Radio wrote more about his experience using the Rewards Fuel contest app on WordPress.

Read more —> HERE. 

“Now you can say “sign up for my newsletter to enter to win my Mailchimp contest”
Grow you mailing list

Rewards Fuel will take care of all the details of your giveaway for you, including double opting-in and the export process to MailChimp, (or if you wish Aweber, iContact, Vertical Response, Constant Contact, and Campaign Monitor.)

Your contest will come with detailed contest statistics that you can print or email at any time. You’ll discover the age, gender, location, device used and more of your contestants and as a result, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your target market, therefore, allowing you to create more effective and targeted marketing campaigns in the future.

  • Setting up  your Mailchimp contest in 5 easy steps:
  • Login: Visit  and choose ‘create a contest’: Don’t have an account yet? Sign-up and choose any one of our contest plans.
  • Create your contest:  From your home screen, you’ll be prompted to add a name, description, start/ end dates and your videos, GIF’s or images.
    Create a contest
  • Add your entry methods: We have over 30 entry methods to choose from, choose ‘newsletter entry’ and follow the prompts which ask you to describe your newsletter etc.
  • Optional: Choose where you want your newsletter exported to, for example, export to MailChimp.
    Setting up a MailChimp contest with out MailChimp integration
    Setting up a MailChimp contest with out MailChimp integration
  • Optional: Customize the double opt-in email (from, subject, message).
    Setting up a MailChimp contest with out MailChimp integration

Create a Mailchimp contest

Check out a demo contest

This is what a contest will look like to your audience (please note: you can customize almost everything about it including language, colors, and fonts).

Social media contest software by Rewards Fuel

Plan Needed for Mailchimp Contest Entry

Marketing Master, Promoter, Promoter Pro
Newsletter entry is available on all paid plans, upgrade to Promoter Pro however in order to set up automatic exporting to MailChimp or any other email provider.

  • MailChimp Contest Tips:
  • Combine Entry Methods: You have over 30 different entry methods to choose from, add as many as you like, but, it is recommended that you add no more than six so as not to overwhelm your contestants.
  • Viral Share Entry: Be sure to add this powerful entry method into your contest.  Rewards Fuel will create a unique tracking link for everyone who visits your contest. When new people visit your Mailchimp giveaway from the tracking link they will be entered. Meanwhile when those new people enter the contest we give the person who originally shared the link extra entries into your contest improving their odds of winning.
  • Collaborate: Make that prize bigger and better! Plus benefit from the extra exposure you’ll receive through your partners.
  • Influencer marketing: If you’ve run a Rewards Fuel contest previously and you have a  Promoter or Promoter Pro plan  you’ll have access to in-depth contestant statistics including age, gender, location, and device used. Consider reaching out to the influencers that have entered your previous contest(s) to arrange a collaboration.
  • Promote it: Contest websites who will promote your contest.
  • Target locationsBlock or target certain locations from entering your contest.
  • Points: When choosing entry methods be sure to add points to the marketing channels you would like to see the most gains. Contestants are then motivated to enter multiple times to increase their chances of winning by gaining more points into your Mailchimp contest.

Mailchimp Contest  FAQs

  • How are entries counted?
  • When the contestants click on the entry double-opt-in link we count their entry and automatically export them to your MailChimp list(s).
  • Are there any other MailChimp related entry methods?
  • Yes, we also have List keeper entry for MailChimp, this gives your MailChimp list incentive to stay on your list.
  • Is this verified?
  • Yes, we verify all newsletter entries via double opt-in.
  • Can I export my new subscribers in other ways?
  • Yes, you can use CSV export, which will allow you to export your new subscribers and import them anywhere you like

Get inspired and check out these great contest marketing examples and case studies–> Success stories

Questions,  comments or suggestions about our social media contest platform?  Shoot us an email at or get started on a contest today by signing up–> here or downloading our plugin–> here.

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