Contest marketing – A Guide to winning.

Contest marketing –  A Guide to winning.

If you’ve used contest marketing you know how powerful it can be. We’ve been fortunate enough to help thousands of companies run all kinds of contests, yet we still get the question.

“I run my own contests on social media, so why do anything differently?”

Our contests help you achieve more marketing goals in the form of multiple entry methods.

Demo contest

Contests are easily customized, make them look perfect for your brand.

Twitter contests by Rewards Fuel

Your contest will boost your subscribers, get you new emails for your mailing list, drive traffic and increase engagement.

We keep track of all of your entries, gather statistics on your contestants including demographic and geographic information, we can automate notifications and winner picking.

You have over 30 entry methods to choose from when creating a contest:

Combine as many entry methods into your contest as you’d like, check out our full list of entry methods.

contest marketing

Statistics and analytics:

Running your contests on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? You’re missing a valuable opportunity to gather the names and contact information.

We provide you with stats of your contestants so you can create strategic marketing plans, perfectly targeted towards your audience.

Contest marketing example

No more manually gathering entries, worrying about rules, or chasing winners to distribute your prizes.

Rewards Fuel contest include:

Feeling inspired? Great! Start contest marketing today!

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