How to get more Followers on Linkedin with Contests

How to get more Followers on Linkedin with Contests

Need more followers on Linkedin? Now it’s easier than ever to get more Linkedin followers and connections by adding incentive with a Rewards Fuel contest.

According to marketing expert Neil Patel LinkedIn is incredibly effective for B2B lead generation and has shown to be the highest producer of leads in the social media marketing market. In fact, research states that 80% of social media leads for B2B are generated on LinkedIn!

These numbers are why we’ve created a contest template that makes it fast and simple for you to build your connections and followers on Linkedin.

How contests help

You’ve probably seen contests hosted directly on social media sites such as Facebook or Instagram, and while these giveaways are ok for a quick engagement boost, it’s not overly effective to leave all that action on one soon-to-be-forgotten post. It’s much more beneficial to create a contest on your website (or use Rewards Fuel’s hosted contest page) and use social media to drive contestants to your giveaway page.

Not only will you boost website traffic, but you’ll be creating engagement and benefiting from boosting multiple marketing channels with just one contest or giveaway. In fact, you have over 34 different entry methods you can choose from when creating your contest.


“Ask your network to follow you on Linkedin to enter to win your contest – Rewards Fuel will pick your winners, send notifications and keep track of your contestants for you.”

Get more linked in followers

Creating a contest is quick and easy, plus gives you options to boost your newsletter, social media followers, Shopify and Etsy store etc with your LinkedIn giveaway.

Your giveaway comes with detailed contest statistics that you can print or email at any time, a digital prize tool to avoid shipping costs, locations targeting so you can reach your ideal audience, rules templates if needed, and winner picking options.

Get more Linkedin Followers in 5 Easy  Steps:

  1. Log in to your Rewards Fuel account – if you don’t have one yet, sign-up and choose our Promoter Pro Package.
  2. Follow the directions on this video and blog post until you reach the ‘Add more entry methods’ step.
  3. Choose ‘ Follow on LinkedIn’.

4. Copy and paste your person profile URL, or company URL into the entry method and click the purple verify button.

5. Add a description, change the number of entry points if you like then click “Add entry.”

Create a LinkedIn contest now

LinkedIn Contest FAQs

  • Will this help me get more followers on LinkedIn?
  • Yes, this adds incentive for people to follow you or your company on LinkedIn.
  • Can I run this for my personal page or my company pages?
  • Yes, this works for both company and personal pages.
  • Can I export my new followers?
  • Yes, you can use CSV export, which will allow you to export your new subscribers and import them anywhere you like

Get inspired and check out these great contest marketing examples and case studies–> Success stories

Questions, comments or suggestions about how to get more followers on LinkedIn? Shoot us an email at or get started on a contest today by signing up–> here or downloading our plugin–> here.

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